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Wairoa Haus Cabins (Villa Gral. Belgrano)

Publishing in this Site since: February 2006
Season: All year long.
Cabins: 5
Persons per Cabin: 4 / 5 / 6 / 8
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Comfort: Large and modern cabins, offer fully equipped kitchen, microwave, tableware, refrigerator, bed linen, 2 bedrooms, one in suite and 3 bedrooms, elastic mattress, 2 bathrooms, heating (balanced flue heater), Cable TV 21" Philips Real Flat Stereo, garage with individual grill, garden furniture, large picture window overlooking Sierras Chicas and Villa Gral Belgrano, swimming pool, solarium, park, parking lot
Relaxing Activities in the zone: Rides, excursions, trekking, fishing, wanderings
Address: (Not numbered) Jorge Newbery Street
Villa Gral Belgrano - Córdoba
GPS Coordinates: 31º 57' 46.76" S, 64º 33' 47.21" W
Telephone: (03546) 464165 / (0351) 155 330021
Web Page:  www.wairoa.com.ar

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